Antique Victorian Gaslight – SOLD

Evoke the romantic gaslight era with this wonderful Victorian copper gaslight.


Full frontal gaslightGaslight angleLeft corner gaslight
Gaslight corner right detail


Celebrate London’s history from the turn of the century with this authentic Victorian large copper gaslight.

This is a high quality antique lamp attributed to the famous William Sugg of Westminster, makers of some of the finest lamps that can seen all around London’s main attractions including Buckingham Palace and many others.

Made for outdoor usage, the lamp is suitable for both interior and exterior.

Condition: Excellent. This lamp has genuinely been weathered through time and boasts a lovely lustre.**Untouched and in its original state, we would advise you to consult an electrician for the purposes of wiring for lighting.

Dimensions: H.87cm W.38cm

Price: £175