Christiane Denise Pocket Motor Fishing Vessel – SOLD

Introducing “Christiane Denise”, a magnificent collectable pocket motor fishing vessel, based on a 28foot Class 1A lifeboat hull. Lovingly crafted from wood, this highly sought after and extremely rare model vessel comes resplendent in vibrant painted colours – featuring an eye catching nautical blue and classic maroon.

A detachable sail sits proudly to the rear of the boat just behind the captain’s cabin, which is decorated with a steering wheel to one side and a lifebuoy to the other. On the deck a heavy looking anchor is secured, and an extremely life like fishing net with buckets at the ready.

At a scale of 2inches to 1ft, the original real life vessel would have measured  28ft x 8.5ft x 4.5ft, as stated proudly on it’s plaque, which is displayed at the base of the model fishing boat.

Dimensions of model boat: 170cm length, 50cm height of cabin to bottom (not including sail height), 45cm depth.

In immaculate condition, this model boat comes complete with plaque, and original  replica on board fishing paraphernalia like fishing net, anchor, metal buckets, anchor, life buoy etc.

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