Cliff Richard /Cliff’s Hit Album


Rock away to the legend that is Cliff!


Cliff’s Hit Album is Cliff Richard’s first compilation album. It was released in July 1963 on Columbia record label (335X1512) and reached number 2 on the UK Albums Chart.

The album contains 14 songs from his singles released between August 1958 and May 1962. The album includes all Richard’s singles in that period that made the top 3 of the UK Singles Chart.

Track Listing:

Side One:
1. “Move It”  2:23
2. “Living Doll”  2:38
3. “Travellin’ Light”  2:31
4. “A Voice In The Wilderness” 2:36
5. “Fall In Love With You”  2:30
6. “Please Don’t Tease”  2:59
7. “Nine Times Out Of Ten” 2:07

Side Two:
1. “I Love You”  2:02
2. “Theme for a Dream”  2:06
3. “A Girl Like You”  2:31
4. “When the Girl in Your Arms is the Girl in Your Heart” 2:25

5. “The Young Ones”  3:09
6. “I’m Looking Out the Window” 2:16
7. “Do You Wanna Dance”  2:16

Condition: Excellent

Price: £15.00

*NOTE: Condition has been categorised according to The Record Collector Guide, which is the accepted grading system for vinyl in the UK. ‘Excellent’ grading is listed as: “Shows some signs of being played but there is very little lessening in sound quality. Cover and contents might have slight wear and/or creasing.”