My First Upholstery Project Begins: 1950’s Office Chair

As if I’m not busy enough, juggling being a mum of two, taking on new painting projects, setting up a new website…so what do I decide to do next? Take up an upholstery course of course. I’ve toyed with the idea for ages actually, so I decided to just take the bull by the horns and go for it. If I’m terrible at it I could just leave after a few terms after all…?!

The first project I’ve embarked upon is this really cute retro chair – a very cool midcentury modern 1950s swivel office chair covered in a striking (and very much of its time) green fake leather a.k.a plastic!


Lots of ladies around me were getting on with their various chairs with the confidence of… well people who have been at it for years, unlike me, a complete novice. Never mind, I started by stripping it all off and dismantling – every last bit, step by step – as my tutor Sarah B ordered me to do. After plastic came off the sack cloth and every tack hammered and pulled out.¬†And even despite a careless move resulted in a gauged finger, I bravely battled on…



So finally we got down to a naked frame and bare springs tied to saggy sack webbing! Eeek! It’s both liberating and totally frightening to get to this primal state – and just in case I kept the pieces of sad looking green plastics in my bag…for future reference.



So here you have it…the story of my renovation project part one…more to follow. Keep an eye out for my next blog coming soon…watch this space, and do follow us on instagram for regular updates and exciting new posts.